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Visiting Fellows: Dr. Yovana Reyes Tagle

Dr. Yovana Reyes Tagle is visiting the WTI on a SECO-WTI sponsored Visiting Fellowship for the months of September and October. A lecturer on the master’s programme at PUCP in Lima, Peru, Dr. Reyes Tagle also regularly teaches at law and business schools in Finland.


You have an interesting CV, teaching economic law in both Peru and Finland. How did that come about?

I went to Finland in 2001. I graduated as an LL.M and after that enrolled for my PhD. So I also got my LL.D from the University of Helsinki. After I finished my doctoral studies I went back to Peru where I started to teach at the Catholic University in the Master’s Programme. But I continued teaching in Finland. Every year I have to travel to Helsinki, which is quite exciting for me.

You must also have a close connection to Switzerland since you have been here several times…

Yes. I came in 2007 to visit the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva but I was working for the University of Helsinki at that time. That was a very good experience. Then I came for the Summer Academy here at the WTI for five weeks. The courses were excellent. Since 2012 I have had an opportunity to write papers here, which has been very good for my research.

It sounds like your relationship with WTI and the SECO programme has been very positive.

Yes, of course. I would say this is my postdoc research I am carrying out in Switzerland. As I said I went back to Peru and was teaching there in Lima but I have done most of my research here in Switzerland since my doctorate, writing three papers. In the future I can submit these three papers to the University of Helsinki and get a docentship. Because in Finland they have a system where, after you become a Doctor of Laws, you can get this if you publish scientific articles. And this is also good for my career. I am very grateful to the SECO/WTI programme for supporting this research.

So you have written two papers and are now writing the third? Can you tell us about these?

I discussed the influence of the European Court of Justice in the case law of the Andean Community and Mercosur tribunals. In the third paper my research deals with the legal position of WTO rules in the Andean Community legal order. It analyses how the Andean Community has treated WTO law and the position adopted by the Andean states concerning the application of WTO law.

You hope to have that paper completed by the time you leave here in two months?

Yes. We agreed I should submit a paper by November. So hopefully I will have the draft by the end of October and send it for review and everything should be done by the end of November.

Do you imagine you may come back to the WTI again?

I would be happy to have the opportunity to come back to the Institute. This is an excellent place to do research. You have access to the library, where if you need an article or book you can get it immediately. You don’t waste time. And what’s very important to me is to have the chance to talk to different professors working at the institute and to get their feedback.

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