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Training in Trade Remedies in Hanoi

MOIT 2bAround 50 Vietnamese government officials attended a training course in Hanoi in August – part of a one-year executive course organised by the WTI as part of its academic partnership with the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

Participants in the “Trade Remedies” course came from different departments of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).

The Vietnamese hosts expressed gratitude to SECO and WTI for making the training course possible and the hope that the next training courses in October and November would also enjoy the same success.

The two-day course was taught by WTI global faculty member Professor James Lockett, who has practised international trade law and policy in Brussels, Washington DC and parts of Asia since 1984. His work experience includes three years working in Hanoi, during which time he trained a number of Vietnamese government entities on trade and investment matters.

The course covered both substantive and procedural aspects from a practical perspective.

Through a combination of lectures and studies participants became acquainted with international practices regarding anti-dumping, subsidies, and safeguard law and practices and how these relate to WTO law.

They considered how Vietnam can use and apply efficiently its trade remedy measures against dumped or subsidised imports and were updated on regulations and practices relating to trade remedies in FTAs and implications for FTAs in which Vietnam participates.

The presentation included four Vietnamese case studies, and a special section on the Non-Market Economy (NME) status of Vietnam.

Professor Lockett commented that discussion during the FTA session had been “lively”.  “There were many questions, and lots of good feedback,” he said.

The one-year Vietnam government programme has three strands: in addition to training courses in Hanoi, MOIT officials are receiving training at the WTO mission in Geneva and taking part in weekly modules at the WTI in Bern.

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