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Bringing antidumping measures back under the WTO

Gary Horlick

Gary Horlick, Lima, October 2012. By Cooperación Suiza – SECO

The Peruvian El Comercio Newspaper interviewed Professor Gary Horlick on antidumping matters while he was in Lima teaching a course on Trade Remedies at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú’s Master in International Economic Law Program, which is sponsored by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

El Comercio asked Gary Horlick questions pertaining to antidumping as a trade remedy. More specifically, how often these measures are used by governments, the politics behind them, the methodology applied, and the changes in regulation needed to improve their application. The journalist inquired specifically about the cases of the European Union and China.

Gary Horlick answered the questions, reviewing the rules and methodology for the investigation established in the WTO Agreement. On China he recalled that antidumping measures had been used in retaliation by the Chinese government. He recollected that according to the Protocol of Accession of China there is a caveat whereby, until 2016, the prices of the products on the Chinese market cannot be taken into account in establishing whether dumping has occurred. In the case of the EU, however, even though measures have been challenged, it is perceived to be more transparent in comparison with other states.

Finally, he considered that antidumping measures should be removed from bilateral treaties and dealt with solely by the WTO.

Read the complete interview here (in Spanish).

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